Travel Technology Companies with Travel Technology Trends 2016

With the contribution of travel technology to the travel industry in terms of travel software, travel portals, hotel booking systems, flight booking engines, car rental software etc, travelling is on the rise. Its easy, its faster and its way convenient. Not only booking the travel deals but sharing the latest development, during the travel has also got the people connected. You can trek remote paths and keep on updating your foot prints on the web.

Travel Technology Trends 2016

Year 2014 has been a bench mark, not only in terms of volume of travel but also tbecause of the depth of use of technology for travel deals booking and sharing. A lot have changed in the way over the years, people used to search and book travels deals. There is a clear trend in OTA model and usage of travel technology solutions have gone higher. Travel technology companies are working hand in hand with travel agencies to make their processes online almost 100%. Starting from the consultation needed for IATA accreditation, to GDS and APIs access – travel technology companies are sharing their wealth of experience to make the process quicker.

In general, if one is looking for travel technology solutions – its always better to find a professional travel technology company. They analyze each travel agent’s business environment. They do a thorough study of the travel products and services they want to market. Who are their suppliers and what is the nature of their customers? What are their short-term and long-term business ambitions?

Travelers are checking the travel websites for everything, it may be weather, fight / train / bus timing update or any value added information. Mobile has become a tool for checking and sharing on the go. The mobile phone with the travel mobile app, has become an online travel agency. Searching, booking, sharing – everything is available right at finger tips.

Travel technology companies have taken a great part in this growth story. These companies have developed some great travel products in last few years. Travel website development and travel apps are much in demand. All the leading travel agencies are partnering with top travel technology company to deliver a product, which can actually create a wave in travel domain. Next year, it will be interesting to see as to how the travel domain grows, web takes a lead or mobile app takes lead.


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