Invading the digital jungle: a short guide for travel agencies to find new customers online

As travel Software operators, you all desire more visitors to your sites, and more conversions. You also want to make presence in the social media. Let us discuss some ways to achieve these business targets.

Social Media marketing

Getting more traffic to your website is the most crucial thing for your travel technology business. For this, first of all, you should have a fair understanding of domain authority. It will predict how your website will rank in search engine rankings. The company Moz will help you understand your domain authority. You enter your web url and there appears your rank. You can also find your competitor’s domain authority and track the strength of your site. Install Moz tool bar and instantly analyze the search results.

The best strategy to get your travel business branded, to get more clients, and to build loyalty is to focus on content marketing. You should get more and more high-quality blogs on travels and tourism. Posting them on other blogs with higher domain authorities will gift you links that lead to your site. This will increase your domain rank. Maintain strong relationships with other bloggers in your vertical. They will share your content and it will lead to more traffic to your site. Contents in your website should be of high quality.

Frequently check your competitor’s website and find out what there attracts visitors, using Social Crawlytics. This wonderful tool can tell you what is the most shared content of your competitor. Also optimize your web content for Google.

You should also focus on the social media. Find potential customers in Twitter and follow them. Manageability is a great help in this endeavor. Search the bios of twitter accounts and also their locations and select the ones who may be your future customers. If you want to find new customers in Massachusetts, just type the place name in the box, and Manageability will show the twitter accounts from that location. You can also analyze their tweets to find out who will be on vacation or business tour soon. Nice, isn’t it? If you want to let the regular customers of your competitor know about your better services, Facebook Twitonomy will help you. But always keep in mind, to be triumphant on social media you have to be generous to retweet their tweets, like their accounts, and share the links to their blogs. To have instant knowledge about the concerned blogs, you may make use of Feedly.


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