How to choose right Travel Agency Software Development Company?

Travel Agency Software is a web based travel booking system. OTA, which stands for online travel agency, are basically the travel company, which uses most of the online processes for bookings.

Travel Agency Software

Over the last few years, we saw the growing OTAs, focussing and excelling the online reservation process using top travel agency software. The growth has been great in GDS and Non GDS, both the categories. We also simultaneously saw growing travel technology companies, which are competing in developing and delivering the best in class airline booking systems, hotel booking systems, car booking systems and cruise systems. Travel technology companies have come up with certain very innovative ideas about the search and sort algorithm to integrate several GDS and hotel API providers. The way, online travel model is growing, it is very much required for any travel management company to partner with leading travel agency software development company with in-depth experience in dealing with GDS and API Integration.

Online travel agency software / travel portals today, does not only showcase the inventory, but they create most formidable travel booking platform. Travellers can log to the online travel portal and search / book the deals at any point of time. With so many online travel agency software platforms available, it is mandatory to build the custom features to create a niche for your business. One must choose a solution that integrates easily with the existing travel website and provides a great value to the end clients.

To choose the top travel agency software company, start with know-hows of the company and then start digging the detail. This is because a company with enough experience API integration and GDS Integration can provide you with a better service and will be able to bring the live certification process quickly. You should make sure the experience of that travel technology company in successful travel reservation system deployment and specially matching something like yours and then go through the product demo.

If everything comes positive then great or else the search is on. To decide upon this should be given ample amount of time as this can prove to be the most important decision for your business. To know how to choose best travel technology company for your travel reservation system, one should look for these features in the features list of that company:

  • Total experience in travel technology

  • Any awards for their previous projects

  • Total projects delivered

  • Total hotel APIs and GDS integrated on various projects

  • Total payment gateways integrated on various projects

  • Awareness about B2C, B2B and Corporate modules.


Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.


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