PROVAB launches B2C & B2B Hotel Booking Systems (with APIs) for Iran based travel agency

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT have been at the service of small- and medium-sized travel agencies around the world, since 2003. We’ve been providing innovative and cost-effective travel portal development and have become an almost a synonym for Travel Technology Company in many parts of the world such as Singapore, Dubai, Riyadh and Copenhagen. Our expertise in B2B and B2C travel portal and travel API integration.

Travel Portal development
Travel Technology Company

With the travel portal developed by us will enable you provide to your customers domestic and international flight booking, hotel booking, rental car booking, cruise booking, holiday packages, bus booking and so on. It also includes Admin control panel, Multicurrency and Multilanguage facilities.

PROVAB’s XML-based travel technology solutions facilitates integration with multiple CRS, GDS and other providers of travel products and services. We will customize the portal for your company that your customers can get access to thousands of travel products and services under one single XML feed.

Technology has become an integral part of travel business. You, as tour operator can’t neglect this fact anymore. Your present and prospective customers will no longer visit the travel agent’s office to book the flight or hotel any more. They will do it through the Internet or mobile app. This is not a crisis for the traditional travel agent but a splendid opportunity. But you need an expert travel technology company like PROBAB to bring technology to your travel business. Visit us today at You can also call us at +91.8880321321 and email us at


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