How to build an OTA software? How it help your travel agency to penetrate into the OTA market? How much does it cost to your company?

OTA Software for Travel Companies

If you are any kind of travel company associated with travel and tourism development, resort or hotels, travel consolidation then you need to have the best travel technological solutions. Technological advancement helps in gaining more customers, retaining them and to provide an integrated solution to the end customer. To reach the global market, online travel agency (OTA) software is a mandate. It helps your travel company to upload various travel products related to accommodation, airline reservations, car rental or bus booking.

GDS / Global Distribution Systems

The amount you spend on developing travel software should obviously be fitting to the budget your company has planned for. Each penny you spend on developing an OTA software solution should be worthy enough to gain more business to your enterprise.

To reach the global market, setting up of OTA software will enhance the travel companies’ business. Here are some factors which let you know the importance of having an OTA software for travel industry.

Showcase Travel Product with Description

Implementation of OTA software can help the travel agency to provide information on various travel needs. It may be regarding hotel booking, car rentals, bus ticket booking, airline reservations and so on. OTA acts as single platform to help the customer find the best solutions for the travel needs.

Best Deals

OTA will allow the travel agents to create the best deals and coupons for their desired clients. This in turn will help in the increase of product sale. Early booking offers, night offers, child ticket fare discount and last minute booking are some of the best deals that could be offered by using this travel software solution.

Allocation and Availability of Travel Products

OTA helps in the easy allocation of the travel bookings. Hence it can provide updates on the availability of the travel products or airlines.

Online Booking for B2B and B2C Customers

Publishing the information regarding booking through online portal is the easiest way of communicating your services to the people across globe. This can help in on the spot booking for any B2B or B2C customers.
Online Booking Reports

Once the booking is placed by the customer or the travel agency, OTA will generate online booking reports at the same moment itself.

Advanced Search Option

Advanced search with filter option will help your customer to find the desired travel package or products easily. The search options with any specific keywords like price, travel product name and many other parameters are possible.

Integration of Google Map

Travel Software Development

The integration of Google map in OTA software can help the customer to find location based travel features. For eg; If a customer is interested in skiing, then he can find the best places for skiing and make the decision.

Multilingual Website with SEO Support

Using OTA software, travel companies can publish all the features in any language. This help in the global reach of the travel product you sell. All the travel portals shall be given SEO support to gain organic visibility in google search and bing.

Integrated Payment System and Third-party Service Providers

Credit card payment system which is highly encrypted is integrated to the travel portal of your company. The compilation of the best travel options and deals for your clients is an add-on to your travel portal. OTA software helps in availing it for your company.

Customized Travel Package

Instead of traditional method of selling ready made packages, nowadays customers prefer to have a customized travel ideas for themselves. OTA allows the customer to find the best travel package for themselves and make their reservations.


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