What are the key features of travel software solutions that enhances travel business in Nigeria, Algeria and Ghana?

The process of online bookings, has many advantages. For both the travelers and the travel agencies, it saves time and effort. Therefore, the traditional practices like visiting the travel agent’s place to make flight reservations or any other related services, is no more used. Thanks to the ever evolving travel technological advancement which has helped in development of best in class travel software and OTA solutions for travel agents as well as travelers.

At PROVAB, we provide the best travel technology solutions to leading travel agencies across the globe, it may be B2C or B2B.

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Travel Technology Solutions

Key Features of Travel Software Solutions

For any travel agency, it is mandatory that it holds software to integrate and monitor the bookings and transactions swiftly. With the advancement in the digital technology, every service has become effortless and time saving.  

International and Domestic Ticket Booking

Travel software developed by us is connected to Global Distribution System (GDS) through web services APIs. It is capable of fetching online inventory of air tickets through multiple sources.

Hotel Reservation

Using CRS and hotel API, this software enables the user to filter the hotels with lesser tariffs. Once the hotel is shortlisted, it will redirect to the payment gateway to process the payment.

Car Booking / Bus Booking

Car Booking or Bus Booking is made easy through the live booking process. Using API and CRS integration, the user will be able to find the best possible option, available in a particular city or the desired location of the user.

Holiday Packages

Domestic and International holiday packages designed in accordance with the client requirements will be in connection with the third party payment gateway system.

Deposit Account Creation

Multi-layer admin console is predefined for a comprehensive travel portal software. All the agents will be given separate login facilities to add funds to their accounts. All the deals and bookings happen through this account until the amount exceeds the limit. After that agents can avail booking facility using credit/debit cards.

These are the major advantages of travel technology software. It’s been used by major travel agencies for enhancing their B2B or B2C businesses. World-wide expansion of the business needs software with great performance. For that Provab’s Travel Technology Software will be helpful.


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