Why leading travel companies implement Amadeus GDS system to their travel agency software solutions?

GDS Systems are one of the most preferred ways for travel management companies to connect to online travel contents, flights, hotels, cars, cruise, transfers, sightseeing and similar things.

Amadeus system is one of the leading GDS today. In only 20 years, Amadeus has become the largest global distribution system provider in the world. It had great reach to travel contents worldwide, in terms of buyers and sellers. It is a leading transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry.

Travel Portal Software

Amadeus system has all the core competencies and merits to succeed in the long run, not only because it’s a comprehensive travel management system, but also its diversity in aggregating the travel contents.  Over 90,000 travel agencies globally, use the Amadeus system. Amadeus is structured around two major competencies, GDS and travel IT solutions.

Amadeus as a technology provider for airlines have the below functionalities

  • In Inventory Management
  • Reservation process
  • PNR Generation
  • Passenger Profiling

Amadeus, which is a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, has also emerged as the technology provider of choice for the hotel booking platform in the MENA i.e. Middle East and North African region.


Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.


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