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The travel industry has undergone a major makeover with the introduction of the online travel software and the consequent implementation of travel apps. Earlier planning a vacation was thought to be a task that required intense management skills. We have to go to a travel agent for airline booking or rail booking. Making a hotel reservation was again done through a travel agent or was accomplished after reaching the destination. We would have very vague idea about the “must visit places” at the destination, and would have to hire a travel and tour guide for the same. Similarly arranging a car rental at the destination of visit was done by coordinating with the local travel agent or the hotel.

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The situation at present is totally different from the statements mentioned earlier. Now we don’t visit a travel agent for airline booking or hotel booking and we don’t contact travel agencies for car rental booking. We don’t require a travel guide to tell us about the places to visit at our travel destination nor do we depend on anybody to tell us the direction of a place. Have you ever wonders how the process of planning a vacation have become so smooth and  peaceful in the present times. Now I have the privilege of making airline reservation, rail reservation, hotel reservation, car rental reservation and planning the trip sitting at the vicinity of my home or office or any other place of my comfort.

The big question is, how this happened? This advance stage in the travel sector was achieved through the implementation of technology. Technology came in the form of development of travel agency software and travel apps. The travel agencies too have undergone a major makeover and now when we think of travel agencies, the picture that comes to our mind is an automated system which has all the information and facilities required to plan my trip.

Benefits of Online Travel software for Travel agencies

Travel software have been very beneficial for the travel agencies as it has bought a total change in the way the travel agencies used to work. Now a travel agency doesn’t depend on the traditional system of using a pen and paper to keep track of the transaction or depend on handwritten information pertaining to the details regarding dates and availability for airline, rail and hotel reservation.

Travel agencies now have an online booking system, where global distribution system integration helps in making all information including availability and pricing available to the clients. The end-users can compare the rates and availability and proceed with the airline reservation, hotel reservation and car rental booking. Similarly maintaining data, information and generating reports have become lot more easier and automated with the help of travel software.

Below are the distinct advantages of travel agency software

Accessible from any location

Automated system for maintaining information

Automated system for maintaining data and generating reports

Data is centralized

Easy migration to mobile platform

Quick service to the clients

Enhance level of customer satisfaction

Benefits from travel Apps

With more and more people across the globe preferring to access information through their mobile device, travel agencies now have their own travel apps to enhance their business. Travel apps are available for airline reservation, Rail reservation, hotel reservation, car rental reservation, accessing travel blogs, planning the trip and accessing the locations.

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Travel apps have also helped the travel agencies to respond to the queries raised by the end-users at the earliest and bring enhancement in the level of customer satisfaction. As per the research conducted on travel apps, it was found that travel apps have helped the travel agents to acquire more clients.

Our vacation and travel planning has become lot more easier at the present times. This was only possible due to the implementation of travel agency software and travel apps by the travel agencies across the world, making our travel more comfortable and enjoyable.




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