What are the major features that make travel and tour businesses opt for Online Hotel Reservation Systems?

Before we understand what online hotel reservation, let us know what hotel reservation system means and its various features.

GDS / Global Distribution Systems

Hotel reservation system generally means a fabulous room booking system script that will let visitors make reservations via online/net which is supported by the very important hotel reservation software installed at the premises which is easier to manage and control.

Hotel reservation system is user friendly in the way that the configuration panel is easier to use by any visitor and since it is mainly online tool, hence termed as Online Hotel Reservation systems which is computerized to a large extent.

Since more and more guests or users are booking reservations directly with the hotels due to the phenomenon termed as the “billboard effect”, it is becoming essential for hotels to have their own online booking engine which is integrated with their website rather than depending upon online travel agencies or OTAs.

Thus the Online hotel reservation system is an easier to use, web based internet reservation system used internationally by a diverse range of accommodation providers like guest houses, holiday villas, self catering apartments, hotel chains, independent hotels, tourist boards, travel agents, travel companies and from biggest hotel chains to the smallest bed and breakfast agencies.

Commonly hotel reservation system is also known as CRS or central reservation system and is broken down into various modules for simpler understanding as below

  1. For Reservations
  2. For Reporting
  3. For Administration
  4. For PMS or Property Management Systems
  5. For profiles
  6. For groups and blocks
  7. For global distribution interface and
  8. Inventory and rate control

Let us discuss in brief the above eight modules to understand better the concepts behind online hotel reservation system.

Reservations module: Reservations can pertain to single, group or shared, with options to add, change and cancel bookings and host of features like list of room types, rate codes, multi-currency rate displays etc

Profiles module: Profiles can pertain to individual guests, travel agency, corporate and others, with options like relationship linking, profile protection, privacy etc

Groups and blocks module: Group and block modules can pertain to group room controls feature, list of room, room inventory allotment etc

Travel Portal Software

Rate and inventory control module: Rate and inventory control module can pertain to rate plans which are unlimited, best available rates, rate seasons, room and rate management, negotiated rates etc

Administration module: Administration module can pertain to security controls, multiple time zone support, cancellation process management etc

Reporting module: Reporting module can pertain to expected arrivals, reservation, activity of stay, agent activity, daily and monthly booking activity summary etc

Global Distribution Interface: This module can pertain to Global distribution system, which allows travel operators in confirming bookings, and sending the same to Central Reservation Office or the CRO

Web-based PMS Interface: This module can pertain to interface between CRS and PMS or property management system by facilitating communication and exchange of information between the two.

Thus the online hotel reservation systems is best for making reservations online and also integrate seamlessly with third-party booking engines.



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