Personalised Offer and Dynamic Content becomes USP for travel booking software and OTA

Travel Technology Company

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The Travel booking software offered by the travel technology company allows OTA to manage their customer by providing them the window to personalise their own trip or manage their travel plans.

With increase in competition, various travel agents want to retain their existing customer and give them the benefit to plan their own travel itinerary.

To maximise the revenue and boost conversion on your travel agent website here are some tips

  • Create two partitions in the website , one for travel packages and individual bookings of flight, hotels, car etc. and another section where customer can book a travel itinerary with the combination of flights+hotels and car reservations

Some of the personalised contents works best like

  • Customised banner slide of the home page
  • Customised marketing messages
  • Customised featured promotion
  • Contents for different regions
  • Focusing of different holiday seasons which are different for different regions.
  • Focusing on different offers that travel agents give while customer is doing their bookings like free breakfast, advance booking discount options, weekend extensions, fuel credit etc.
  • Expand the dynamic content personalization to new audiences while utilizing more elaborate content personalization techniques and approaches, such as: customized design versions of the property Home page; personalized content pages; specialized landing or promotional pages; foreign language versions or summaries of the website, etc.
  • Promotion of spa and golf or children specific entertainment, free wi-fi, guest appreciation programme.

Hotel Extranet System has the following Features:

  • Manage Rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book
  • Rates – Change Rates , Increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates
  • View all confirmed, Modified and Cancelled bookings
  • Adding Special offers for your hotel
  • Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports
  • Manage Policies – Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy
  • Add Unlimited Photos & small size video.

Sources :

2016 will take Online Hotel Reservations to Next LEVEL

With a survey done 2015 end, travel software companies in United States, Europe and Asia, hotel booking system with GDS connectivity, is the fastest growing category. Top hotel APIs like Amadeus, GTA, expedia, hotelbeds and DOTW are giving access to top hotel inventory in niche geographies. Hotel aggregators are setting up top hotel booking software to sell unsold inventories of hotels at the last minutes.   


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