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Pseudo-City Code (PCC) or a Subscriber ID is the Identifier that distinguishes one travel agency location from another. This code may be a 3–5 character code (alpha, numeric, or combination) on the basis of the GDS. PCCs are inevitable when adding negotiated rates, as these rates can be “defined” or secured to an agency by using their PCC.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, a leading GDS i. e global distribution systems integration company provides you travel XML API tool which integrates travel content and inventory from multiple supplier source systems and translates them into a unified XML format (content aggregation and/or translation). With our tool you can easily get access to all major global distribution systems (GDS directly, hotel providers, cruise providers, rent-a-car providers, bus operators, etc.

We supply the technology highway to GDS & Non-GDS content and you can access those content and inventory via a single XML interface. All travel products and services including low cost carriers listed on GDSs including Amadeus, Galileo/Apollo, Worldspan and Sabre will be accessible to you via our tool.

If you are planning to integrate with more than one GDS or other content source in near future, we can help you in that endeavor. We will provide you a single interface for multi GDS sources. This will be very convenient to you since you need to maintain just one interface instead of every supplier system separately. You need not worry about the time to time technology changes. As an authorized developer for all GDS’s for over a decade, PROVAB TECHNOSOFT has the GDS and travel XML Interface expertise to make you ready for any technology update.

When you enroll in card services of GDSs like Sabre, select single location if you are an agency with only one location. Select multiple locations if you are an agency with more than one location. If you operate from more than one location you have to list Pseudo City Code of Primary Location.

To stay ahead of the curve, a robust travel software is the basic need of travel agencies today. Travel agent software, not only offers a 24/7 sales system for travel companies, but also provides a comprehensive web based admin to review the booking logs and users summary from any corner of the world.

Growth Forecast for Travel Technology Solutions @ 7.9% CAGR till 2019.

Travel technology is growing rapidly worldwide on base of online travel software and GDS systems. Indian travel technology companies are focusing on Big data, analytic tools and social media are becoming the latest trend. Demand for B2C travel portal development and OTA software is surging in all parts of world as mobile devices are becoming the most preferred medium for using travel technology.

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