Travelport GDS System integration for travel ecommerce system

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PROVAB TECHNOSOFT ( is a prominent travel portal development company, providing cutting-edge travel software to clients worldwide. Travelport developers of PROVAB are proficient in integrating Travelport GDS system (Travelport Universal API) into your travel ecommerce system.

Travelport developers are technical specialist who can integrate a complete GDS system of travel port with Flight , hotel , tours and transfers. They also provide you support on pre-delivery and post-delivery.

Travelport developers can integrate following Travelport Classic API

  • Galileo Web Services (GWS)– Pre-built Web Services to transfer data between client travel applications and the Travelport Apollo and Travelport Galileo GDS.

  • XML Select-A standardized environment to create an interface to the Travelport Apollo or Travelport Galileo GDS via dedicated line or VPN connection.

  • EDIFACT Select-An EDIFACT based API allowing travel companies & developers to connect their application to the Travelport Worldspan GDS

  • APF XML Interface-Enables easy migration of fares from one data source to another for integration into a single display.

  • Galileo Desktop Customization– Tools, and options for agent- to developer-level customizations of Travelport Galileo Desktop.

  • XML API Desktop -Multi-sessioned Travelport Galileo and Travelport Apollo XML transactions via the customer’s GUI or Travelport Galileo Desktop (with Customization).

Travelport developers can integrate following Travelport Worldspan API

  • XML Pro – Travelport Worldspan XML Pro is a key messaging platform for travel companies and developers who want to interface their unique travel applications with the Travelport Worldspan GDS.

  • Data Interface Record – A versatile data-exchange tool that provides customers with the ability to send and receive structured data to and from the Travelport Worldspan GDS.

  • Universal Messaging – An EDIFACT based API allowing travel companies and developers to connect their application to the Travelport Worldspan GDS.

Travelport Universal API provides you the access to worldwide low cost carriers, high speed rail providers and multi-source content via a single API can help you clear the clutter of multiple programming interfaces, while saving valuable time and money.

Access a world of content through one API

Travel Technology providers like PROVAB TECHNOSOFT have been developing cutting edge applications like airline ticket online reservation systems for their clients with GDS integration. We work on sophisticated GDS systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Travel Port, Worldspan, Travelocity, Travelweb, Expedia, etc.

Whereas customers, corporate as well as the leisure ones, switch to online booking, GDS is playing a significant role. GDS provides data for all airfares. Simple air travel queries to GDS sites will provide real-time flight fares, availability, departure and arrival timings, gates at airports connections, discounts, etc.

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Impact of GDS on Hotel Booking Systems

In a recent survey, year 2015 set up a record for travel bookings through GDS distribution systems. Around 62 million bookings were processed across various travel portals and online hotel booking systems. In 2016, its expected to cross 64.5 million as per latest projections. In terms of revenues $12.5 billion was clocked across all channels in the second quarter in the top 50 global markets, encompassing 69 million hotel room-nights. United States, India and UAE saw more absorption from OTAs, travel agency software and hotel reservation software.



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