Airline Booking System with Amadeus GDS Integration

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Last decade has been great for online travel booking systems including airline booking

system. In the present date of travel sales, where brick n mortar travel agent shops are

losing importance and a new trend of bookings through online travel portals & airline booking

systems, is developing very fast. This has created huge opportunity for travel technology

companies to build great online booking systems (airline booking system, hotel booking

system & holiday packages booking system) with Amadeus GDS integration. Apart from cutting

edge technology, the user engagement model, displaying the vest pricing and offers are key

points for any reservation system to succeed.

Airline booking system, commonly known as ARS, is generally considered to be the user

side system for any airline or GDS. It consists of the exchange of data through the GDS

system, which consolidates the worldwide airline data and share through unique web services

API. This is an effective and efficient way of consolidating the global airlines availability and

pricing, which is combined together with best GUI interface and published for end users on any

airline reservation system (GDS based).

In online travel services marketing & sales, airline booking system is a part of comprehensive

travel reservation system, which consist-off hotel reservation system, transfer system and

sightseeing module. GDS system, which is known as global distribution system is the interface

between a travel reservation system and the end airlines, because it consolidates the data

including the availability and pricing. The end buyers can check the availability and do the

booking, which in turn is forwarded to airlines console through GDS.

Advanced airline booking systems offer the features like oneway, roundtrip, multi-destinations

all together. Thus also providing the end users the better deals / offers on every booking,

they do. Most of the reservation systems are also offering the dynamic packages like airline +

hotel, hotel + cars, hotels + holidays packages, clubbing the packages together. This helps the

buyers to plan the travel in a better way.

Amadeus, Galileo / Travelport, Sabre and Abacus are among the top GDS systems available

today. GDS consolidates the data for airlines, hotels, cars, packages and cruises. This

consolidated data, is then shared to end travel reservation software / travel portals through

their proprietary web services APIs.

Impact of GDS on Hotel Booking Systems

In a recent survey, year 2015 set up a record for travel bookings through global distribution systems. Around 62 million bookings were processed across various travel portals and online hotel booking systems. In 2016, its expected to cross 64.5 million as per latest projections. In terms of revenues $12.5 billion was clocked across all channels in the second quarter in the top 50 global markets, encompassing 69 million hotel room-nights. United States, India and UAE saw more absorption from OTAs, travel agency software and hotel booking software.


Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal

development projects.



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