Integrate Amadeus GDS Web Services On Travel Website

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The reliance on the GDS systems including Amadeus gds have increased significantly over the

years. Travel agencies across the world, are more and more using global distribution systems

(GDS). GDS systems are enabled to provide online travel deals and data through a single

source. A more traditional way of calling the provider to confirm the booking, was used, which

took considerable efforts and time per booking. Today, latest travel technologies from the

leading consolidators (aggregators) including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan have

become popular among the travel agencies and services providers. Out of all, Amadeus GDS

has emerged as the most preferred by travel agents around the world to make flights, hotels,

car rentals, holiday packages, ferry, cruises or other travel services booking. The volume of

the ticket bookings through Amadeus system such that all the leading airlines are actually

connected with Amadeus GDS system. A growing travel agency must integrate Amadeus gds

web services on travel website.

Apart from the generic travel contents, Amadeus GDS web services provides availability,

pricing, details and online reservation module to travel agencies. Nowadays, travellers prefer

a one-stop service, and request rich information to make a right decision. Information from

the GDS system helps them to navigate, select and book, what they like. The travel agent has

to provide detailed, real-time information to enable the consumer to choose an option that is

suited to all his/her needs. Amadeus travel system just makes everything easy.

Amadeus had maintained its position as the global leader in travel technology and travel

distribution solutions for tourism industry, by constantly introducing innovations. Set of

solutions like e power suites, web services, APIs and other value added services, let client

choose – what they like. Amadeus tools are built to deliver the professional travel booking

solutions. It helps the agents to deliver comprehensive travel itineraries quickly and efficiently.

For travel technology companies also, Amadeus GDS is a top choice and companies can deliver

the custom made solutions to travel agents. With great technical support, that it offers –

things can be big for Amadeus. Integrating Amadeus gds web services will definitely take the

travel agency to another level, as it can access the huge set of travel contents governed by

Amadeus GDS.

2016 will take Online Hotel Reservations to Next LEVEL

With a survey done 2015 end, travel software companies in United States, Europe and Asia, hotel booking system with GDS connectivity, is the fastest growing category. Top hotel APIs like Amadeus, GTA, expedia, hotelbeds and DOTW are giving access to top hotel inventory in niche geographies. Hotel aggregators are setting up top hotel booking software to sell unsold inventories of hotels at the last minutes.   

Regarding Author:

Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal

development projects.



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