Why travel agencies need travel portal development companies as long-term partner?

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Being ahead is the game in travel and hospitality industry. Joining hands with a leading travel portal development company to maintain the lead in travel domain, is the key.

Travel portals and mobile apps are for customer retention and to be used by regular customers. Even beyond the experience, online travel portals and mobile apps are great for keeping brand recognition high. Recent surveys shows that travel agencies using the online travel booking system & mobiles apps are actually selling better than the other stores, which did not use apps. In the modern business scenario, travel agencies must enter in a long-term partnership with travel portal development companies, to stay ahead of the competition. There are a few clear and sustainable advantages –

To create customer loyalty by getting smart, innovated online travel portals and mobile apps that bring forth value for the customer.

To facilitate research and purchase of your travel products online

Some reasons for developing a travel portal and mobile app, are the following

Travellers get high on top travel portals and mobile apps

Creating online travel portal mobile shopping app is relatively easy with a good travel portal development company

Many of the retailers already have a mobile app, which are creating a better brand recall

Along with developing mobile app, you should also get a professional HTML5 development company to optimize your travel website for mobile.

While the penetration of mobile devices, is rising in an incredible manner, a mobile retail application is literally indispensable to your travel company. Mobile travel commerce has come to stay and will grow to gigantic proportions in the coming years. Travel & hospitality companies cannot afford not having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app of their own.

A professional travel portal development company can help the retailer to gain today’s mobile buyer interest, loyalty and shopping power. Today’s consumers who are infused with the mobile mindset want to access on their mobile devices the shopping list they created online, order products, or see peer reviews. In short, the consumer behavior is fast changing and the retailer has to keep pace with them. With the assistance an expert travel portal developer, you can provide your customer a more personal and fun shopping experience right in his/her phone.

Growth Forecast for Travel Technology Solutions @ 7.9% CAGR till 2019.

Travel technology is growing rapidly worldwide on base of online travel software and GDS systems. Demand for B2B travel portal development, OTA software and airline reservation system is surging in all parts of world. Mobile devices are becoming the most preferred medium for using travel technology. Big data, analytic tools and social media are becoming the latest trend among travel technology providers.

Regarding Author:

Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.






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