Join the growth of travel ecommerce websites, set a travel portal for niche – PROVAB TECHNOSOFT (

Web Development Company

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT ( is a leading travel website development

company, providing best in class travel software and booking systems to travel management

companies in India and abroad. We have been providing web-based travel management

software to global clients since 2003.

Online travel constitutes a sizable portion (87%) of this market today. Online travel

ecommerce market in India is expected to grow at a rate of 24% over the next 5 years and

reach $12.5 billion. Indian e-tailing industry was estimated at US$800M in 2011 and estimated

to grow to $11.8 billion by 2016.

In India, the key to travel ecommerce website success is in delivering high quality user

experience which includes detailed and comprehensive travel deal catalog, order management,

different modes of transaction (credit cards, payment gateways, cash on delivery etc.) and

simple and quick checkout. Furthermore, with the increase in competition in this sector, to

capture the market in a place like India the travel e-commerce business people need to go

through the customer understandings and satisfaction and in research and development of

differentiated product catalogs and innovative services.

Setting up travel portal to build a solid web presence, have been a key activity for growth.

Travel portal development is basically developing a platform which sell flights, hotels,

cars, transfers, VISA and other value added deals. Partner with professional travel portal

development company, which can deliver you a product ahead of the time.

To know more about our Travel Software Development, please visit

You can call us at +91.8880321321 and email us at

2016 will take Online Hotel Reservations to Next LEVEL

With a survey done 2015 end, travel software companies in India, United States, Europe and Asia, hotel booking software with GDS connectivity, is the fastest growing category. Top hotel APIs like Amadeus GDS, GTA, expedia, hotelbeds and DOTW are giving access to top hotel inventory in niche geographies. Hotel aggregators are setting up top hotel booking software to sell unsold inventories of hotels at the last minutes.   

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David Mathew

Business Manager



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