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PROVAB TECHNOSOFT ( is one of the leading travel technology companies, delivering best in class travel software and reservation system software to global travel management companies. We integrate roomsXML to deliver best in class travel reservation systems to global clients.

As the competition is growing in online ecommerce and travel sharing the major part, it is important to stay ahead by all means. When we talk about travel products including airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals and transfers, hotel booking systems make the most of the revenue and hence it is required to use smarter ways when selling hotel rooms and reservation services. To build a global hotel booking system, hotel APIs / hotel XML play a key rold in bridging the best in class inventory.

To approach the inventory of hotels to be implemented in a hotel booking application, travel technology developers have to ingrate the hotel data in the form of Hotel API / Hotel APIs. To develop a complete hotel booking system, it requires successful integration of hotel APIs related to multiple hotels and a robust system that handles and controls all of this.

Hotel API integration is a growing requirement for travel management companies and needs complete understanding of the API and the technology used for proper integration. For capturing the market, it may be required to integrate hotels APIs from numerous hotel consolidators, which then can bring the best inventory and great pricing for the end users. It is required that the travel technology company providing, the integration services of hotel XML / Hotel APIs, does it quickly with price city and hotel mapping, which becomes more important while integrating several hotel APIs together.

GTA Travel, Hotelbeds, Hotelspro, Tourico, Travco, Expedia, DOTW, Bonotel and several other hotel consolidators are providing the top inventory through their hotel APIs.

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Growth Forecast for Travel Technology Solutions @ 7.9% CAGR till 2019.

Travel technology is growing rapidly worldwide on base of online travel software and GDS systems. Travel technology companies in India are focusing on Big data, analytic tools and social media are becoming the latest trend. Demand for travel web portal development and OTA software is surging in all parts of world as mobile devices are becoming the most preferred medium for using travel technology.

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