Travel Technology Companies are helping global travel agents rule the roost.

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With the advent of online travel software and booking engines some years ago, many feared that was the end of the creed called travel agents. They’d soon become a part of history, many predicted. Years have passed since these pessimistic predictions, but still many travelers rely on their travel agents to give the best experience of business and leisure travel.

Travel technology companies have really made that difference and stood firmly with their clients, travel agents – agencies and management companies. The best in class travel agency software and travel CRM have ensured that travelers get the best. That’s why in contrast to the fears that travel agents would be an extinct species, travel agents are still here and have boosted their business utilizing the online travel software and reservation tools! Moreover, unlike the gigantic travel booking sites out there, the travel agent gives the customer a human touch to the travel bookings. The agent gives you a sense of guardianship and reliability during your travel to far-off places. By logging on to the travel agent’s website, the traveler gets a touch intimacy in the human-to-computer interaction. All the information on hotels, flights, etc are instantly available on the net, but it can’t give the security of human guidance provided by the travel agent. With the top travel crm systems, travel technology companies have made sure that travel agencies are offering the best to their clients.

When a travel agent begins to do business online too, he can give a comprehensive experience to the customer: human care plus rapid and efficient service. The agent’s personal influence can help the traveler a lot at many places during the travel.

Travel websites favors the lower and middle end of the market and give only a little space to the luxury segment. Online ratings in the websites may not be correct. Experienced travel agent equipped with his own travel portal can guide you in your travel a lot and cater to your preferences. Only a travel agent can give the traveler personalized service.

When you go to a far off place, you browse the net to gather all the information about hotels, food of our choice, sightseeing etc. But when you reach there, we are shocked to find some information was terribly wrong or misleading. You are shocked to realize some reviews you read were manipulated, some good restaurants are not in the Google or hidden so deep in the Internet. We discover many surprises there not mentioned in the Internet. If you had consulted a travel agent familiar with that place, he could have guided you better.

A travel agent with his own travel software system and website in place, can give you a collaborative, personalized and flexible travel experience. He can help you to choose the best place to go during your next vacation lest you will be misled by all the hype in the net. If you are a regular customer of him, he can prescribe the place perfectly suited to you. The travel agent’s years-long experience will be of great help to you. He can provide you many subtleties to you which you’ll cherish forever.

Growth Forecast for Travel Technology Solutions @ 7.9% CAGR till 2019.

Travel technology is growing rapidly worldwide on base of online travel software and GDS systems. Travel technology companies in India are focusing on Big data, analytic tools and social media are becoming the latest trend. Demand for travel web portal development and OTA software is surging in all parts of world as mobile devices are becoming the most preferred medium for using travel technology.

Regarding Author:

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel portal development and marketing strategy implementation.



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