Top Hotel APIs / Hotel Consolidators for Online Hotel Booking System

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Hotel APIs is a very well known term in OTA domain. APIs are basically the web services to connect & bridge the information. Around the globe, there are many leading hotel consolidators / hotel aggregators, which consolidates the data. This data, then shared to global travel agents through hotel APIs. These web services XMLs help travel companies / agents to connect to end server and check the availability of hotel room availability, pricing, amenities and other desired parameters. Most of the travel agencies are using multiple hotel APIs to have the best in class inventory and to bring the data (information, availability and pricing) from multiple hotel xml suppliers and aggregate them into a common user interface. This lets end users to search and book the hotels worldwide under a single hotel reservation system. Web services XMLs are used to communicate between the booking system and hotel aggregators online and thus buyers get seamless results from all the hotel apis providers.

A hotel booking system can operate on two types of inventory.

  1. Self Inventory – This system is also known as hotel CRS.

  2. API Inventory – Hotel information comes from global providers.

In general, a hotel CRS is used for a local approach, like for a city, region or max a country. For global inventory, its always advisable that hotel APIs are integrated to the system. With Hotel APIs connected to a hotel booking software, and it’s fairly easy to search, book and cancel the hotel rooms online. It provides a seamless platform to end users to find the global hotels at best negotiated price. There are many hotel consolidators across the globe including the GTA, Hotelbeds, DOTW, Tourico, Travco, Bonotel and several others. Using the data from these suppliers, hotel reservation systems can publish hotel details, room availability, room rates, images, map location, facilities and specific preferences. Buyer can search and sort based in start rating, price and hotel name as well. Booking system supports to multiple currencies with a facility to pay online through credit cards / debit card or paypal.

On the market usability side, online booking system is strong sales platform, which generate sales 24/7. With multiple hotel APIs connected to the system, booking system brings lowest rates of hotels contracted by these suppliers and thus end users get great deals. Following are the leading hotel APIs.


  • Hotelbeds XML

  • Hotelspro XML

  • Tourico API


  • Travco API

  • Tourico XML

  • Expedia API

  • Bonotel XML


Below are the distinct advantages of API based hotel reservation system.

  1. Round o clock availability, improved sales and great client satisfaction.

  2. Fully automated system, and thus saves a-lot of time of end users.

  3. Vouchers are generated immediately.

Growth Forecast for Travel Technology Solutions @ 7.9% CAGR till 2019.

Travel technology is growing rapidly worldwide on base of online travel software and GDS systems. Travel technology companies in India are focusing on Big data, analytic tools and social media are becoming the latest trend. Demand for travel web portal development and OTA software is surging in all parts of world as mobile devices are becoming the most preferred medium for using travel technology.

Regarding Author:

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel software development and marketing strategy implementation.



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